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Joshua and Starr Get Engaged!


I logged onto Face Book this morning when I got to work. Don’t criticize. I get to work 2 hours ahead of my “scheduled” arrival time, and it passes time while I am listening to the endless voicemails.

Today when I logged in I see this status change message from my son. Says “Joshua.. is engaged!” Not a traditional way a mother wants to hear that her only son has decided to get married. After doing a double take at the message….. I respond to the post “To anyone I know? Just kidding I love you two”

I had the pleasure of meeting my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, a couple months back. She is a sweetheart. As a mother you reserve the right to be critical of anyone your only son may bring home to meet you. But Starr is a genuine person. Very personable, and seems to keep my son pretty “grounded”. He is old enough to know and waited a long, long time for this day.

My dear husband had a bit of a different approach to the post. A simple “Wow, way to go, Congrats. When is the baby due?”

While this may not be the traditional proposal of marriage we all know. Josh had the best of intentions. He didn’t think Starr would see the post until she got home from work that night. Best laid plans of mice and men, she went home for lunch and saw it!

For those that may agree with my dear husband, I have been told that there is no twinkle of pitter/patter of a grandchild any time soon. Josh is a realist. He has a game plan to buy a house, settle in, start a family. I applaud him for this. It is a far better game plan than I had when he was born.

So, this next piece is for my son. My only son. The person, who helped make me who I am today….Treat Starr with respect. Love her. Most of all listen to her, and have fun with her. She is vibrant beautiful woman. (And your mother likes her!)

To Starr – Love my son with all your heart. He has his flaws (we all do).. but he is a special man; full of love and ambition. He is old enough to know what he wants, and what it takes to make a relationship work.

To you both… look through the same eyes you saw each other in the first six weeks of your relationship. It was a period of awe, wonder, and amazing feelings. Don’t ever lose that! (It may not always be easy…but try!) It has worked for your dad and me! Learn from each other. Relish each other. Be there for each other. That is important. Support of what each is doing or wants to do (even if you don’t necessarily agree). You will both falter and there will be “not so pleasant times”, take it with a grain of salt. Keep in mind what attracted you to each other to begin with – it is still there. While we all continue to grow and mature, I hope you both can see the growth in each other and support it.

I love you both! Congratulations!

As a mother I am very excited for you both. I wish you nothing but wonder and amazement forever.

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